Former Actress: Shen Yun Dancers Could Not Be Better

March 30, 2017

“I loved it. I think it’s beautiful, spectacular and very impressive, the synchronicity, the beauty, the grace. It’s spiritually uplifting. I’m very much enjoying it, very much. I’ve never seen anything like it, ever, and I’ve seen a lot of Broadway shows and theater around the country and in Europe. It’s wonderful.” 


“[The dancers] are spectacular! I don’t think they could be better! The show is wonderful.”


“I like using the sets the way they use them, the backdrop as part of the set and how they bring the people from there into reality. I think that is very different. I love the beauty, the color, and the use of the props, the scarves, and the fans, and the umbrellas.” 


“[The music is] really wonderful. Spectacular!”


“It feels like maybe [I] want to pursue more of the culture. I like the idea that they let us know that this is not available to see in China. I think this is really important for us to understand [that] without freedom they would not be able to do this.” 


“I think it’s extraordinary, wonderful and I’m very happy I’m here.” 

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