First-Generation Chinese Finds Shen Yun Enriches Her Cultural Understanding

March 26, 2017

“I thought it was fantastic. I’ve been coming since 2011, and every year, it’s just improving more and more.”

“I’m a first-generation Chinese, but I think this is just enriching my understanding of my cultural history and it’s just really a beautiful performance to watch. Seeing it and experiencing it is a totally different experience, and I feel quite proud of my heritage after watching [Shen Yun].”

“There’re so many components of it [Shen Yun], there are times that I feel sad, there are times that I feel excited, there are times that I’m laughing until I start crying. It’s just a really enjoyable experience. It’s just fantastic.”

“I think the spiritual component of Chinese history has been around since, I guess, China started. There are the Taoist and Buddhist components which are very strongly rooted in the culture of it. And this pays homage to it for people who haven’t seen or heard much about it—it’s a whole new enlightening experience, and for those who are aware, it just concretes your appreciation.”

“The dancers bring life to the performance. It [is] just the way their bodies can move … it’s just incredible how they can move.”