Fine Artist and Designer Says Shen Yun Is Visual and Upbeat

April 7, 2017

“It made [me] very happy. It’s a very happy, upbeat performance. … We’re going to dinner [where we’ll] talk about it. It’s a lot to absorb. It’s nice to know that they do something different every year.”

“It was lovely, and beautifully executed. The costumes were fabulous. I like that it was delivered in small stories. That was nice. [I] love [Shen Yun dancers] the best.”

“It was all about visual, and it was so beautiful. The colors were fabulous; [they] really went well with each other.”

“I love the “Umbrellas” [vignette]. I was also amazed by the bowls (“Mongolian Bowls”), and the handkerchiefs (“Handkerchiefs in Flight”). The handkerchiefs were a surprise, just the visual of the [dancers] throwing them up, and the color, how beautiful that was, and then [the handkerchiefs] came back to them, which was amazing.”

“When [soloists] were singing, it was lovely to read the words [displayed on the backdrop] because it was much more spiritual than I thought it would be. That was a really nice [way] to get that message across — the belief that they have, the strong belief, [despite being persecuted] because of their belief.” 

“It was a very good experience. I didn’t know what I should expect. So it was really nice. I’ll tell everybody [they] should come and enjoy this. I think it was beautifully done.”