Financial Consultant Pleasantly Surprised by Divinity in Shen Yun

February 25, 2018

“The colors are absolutely gorgeous and beautiful and they just make you very happy just to watch it. It’s beautiful!”

“I didn’t think they would sing about God. I think that goes very much with our beliefs, … very similar even though the culture is so different.”

“We are Christians and so it really touched me that they sang about the divine God. It was just very heart-warming to see. I think we don’t know enough about the [Chinese] culture.”

“That’s what touched me the most. The singing and the going into heaven, going up to the heavens. It’s just kind of like heaven. The colors, the beauty of the whole show makes me just want to cry. It’s very touching.”

“I’m very surprised because I tried to find an excuse not to go today. I’m feeling very happy. I’m very happy I came!”