Financial Consultant and Banker Commend Shen Yun

January 12, 2014

NEW YORK—Michael Zirpolo, senior vice president and portfolio manager at a global bank, came to see Shen Yun at Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater on Jan. 11.

“It was extraordinary. Both the dance, the music, and the story lines were very, very entertaining. It was our first time ever coming to this. We’ll be back again,” he said.

New York-based Shen Yun revives China’s rich 5,000-year-old culture, displaying ancient legends, ethnic dances, and classical Chinese dance, as well as scenes from contemporary life in China.

Mr. Zirpolo especially appreciated the spiritual aspects of the show, the most important element of China’s traditional culture.

“There was spirituality through everything … Overall it was an uplifting experience to see the dedication of the artists.”


Shen Yun

Edward Ferrante was uplifted by Shen Yun Performing Arts at Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater, on Jan. 11. (Courtesy of NTD Television)

Edward Ferrante, a financial consultant, watched the Jan. 11 performance with his wife.

“I felt it was uplifting. Very uplifting. Also, I learned a lot about Chinese culture, which I enjoyed,” he said.

He was most fascinated with the dances depicting the hardships of people in China brutally persecuted for their beliefs.

“They love freedom like everybody else. They want to be able to worship as they want to,” he said.

He also commented on Shen Yun’s transcending spiritual elements.

“No matter how different we may be, we’re all the same. We’re human beings, one planet, one family really. It was inspirational. Treat other people as you would like to be treated yourself. That is what the show brought out.”

Reporting by NTD Television and Valentin Schmid

New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts has four touring companies that perform simultaneously around the world. For more information, visit Shen Yun Performing Arts.

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