Filmmaker Says Shen Yun has a Noble Mission

May 7, 2017

“The show is very beautiful. There is a lot of beautiful costumes, dancing. It’s really colorful. It gives a really nice idea of the Chinese culture, traditional culture.”

“The artistry is nice. It’s really well done for sure.”

“It is a noble mission [reviving culture]. It is a great mission, and I think you’re doing great work with this Chinese traditional culture in New York.”

“[I got] a feeling of peace and excitement each moment. The music is amazing.”

“This [the digital background] is really nice. It’s fun also. … It’s a nice idea. It’s really well done, the transition between the background and the dancers.”

“What really gets me is the colors and the music. Right away we imagine being in the traditional Chinese culture. I would say it’s travel without leaving New York.”