Filmmaker Impressed With Shen Yun’s Technology and Timing

February 4, 2018

“I found this very interesting, especially the technology of the live dancers jumping behind the screen, and then coming into the animation. And I noticed that the art director has a patent on that technology.”

“It’s an interesting idea. I’m from the business, and I love Fantasia, and all the old Disney classics, and the way the audience is brought into the experience, combining live dance with imagery is a great idea.”

“The timing was perfect.”

“I’m a filmmaker, so I look at this through a filmmaker’s eyes. Very nice, very nice. … I was very surprised. No, I wasn’t bored. I liked it, and I’ve worked with Chinese animators before.”

“They’re all based on legends, and some of it is political, and I can see why you couldn’t do this in China, because of the communist regime. So I learned some things. It takes the legend into the next level.”