Film Producer: ‘Something elevated us as if our spirit was flying away’

April 7, 2018

“What we liked first of all was the lightness of the show, how light the dancers were … the effect, as if our soul was rising. What we are used to seeing are cheerful, rhythmic, and Cartesian shows, but there was something more, something that elevated us as if our spirit was flying away.”

“The success of the show is that sometimes we have the impression of being on the scene, in the same way as when we watch a good film we have the impression of entering the film, and well, here in particular we could enter in the scene, it is what we like very much.”

“What allowed me to enter the scene, what allowed me to rise, is the rhythm, that is to say that there is such softness through the sounds, through the music, and then there is the lightness of the dancers. … It’s a something that makes me let myself be carried away by the show and that’s what I like.”

“There is a lot of purity, lightness. it’s true that in the way dancers dance, you feel it’s easy and yet there’s a lot of work behind it, and that’s what’s great.”

“The show exudes, … great values, the great values of the human dimension that make things true.”

“A lot of serenity and then a general harmony—we could have had much more dynamic scenes but all the time, this suave rhythm, these warm tones, these balanced movements make me feel good and I feel happy.”