Female Pilot Says Shen Yun is Beyond Imagination

April 8, 2017

“This has been a fantastic performance, beyond what I had imagined.”

“I wanted to share this with my grandchildren, so I’m delighted. Because if we can capture their imagination when they’re young, we have that interest and excitement for their life. I wanted to share the beauty of dance, and get them to start to understand how art is able to communicate with us all.”

“The storytelling, the dance is such a powerful form of communication. And the use of the graphics and capturing the imagination of the little ones with the history and the fairies and the mythical beings, and transforming them onto the stage was just beautiful.”

“I think it’s a really powerful way to share a message of humility across the world. If you can get a message through to the heart of a person, you are able to connect with them. You look at the discipline of the artists, the passion that they share, and it comes across. This is the thing that I like.”

“For me it was around understanding more of the culture. Perseverance and faith and truth and honesty will always prevail. Humility and kindness to one another goes a very long way.”

“I guess we’re very fortunate to be in New Zealand where we have an understanding for one another, and try to treat each other well. But that happens everywhere around the world, the difficulty obviously is that it’s spoiled by small factions or regimes who think differently. And I guess the thing is to try and understand the other person’s perspective.”