Federal Attorney Enjoys the Dancing at Shen Yun

February 10, 2018

“The performance was fantastic. I had never seen anything like this … I really enjoyed it.”

“[For the first piece], it was very different. When I saw the smoke coming up from the dry ice, and the movements, the attire of the folks, it just reminded me of a different place.”

“They were great … I think that they do a very good job interpreting what they’re trying to put out, in terms of the explanation of the story at the very beginning, and then you see it from the dance or you see it from the movements, and it makes sense.”

“It reminds me of my family, my people, and my cousins when we used to get together when we were small. It was always a lot of emotion between us … We cared for each other quite a bit. And I think in terms of looking at what they portrayed and what they tried to do, that’s what they were showing—the love of our people, our culture.”