Fashion Designer Transported to Another Realm by Shen Yun

March 24, 2017

“Spectacular. It blew me away. Just the idea of the performance and also it just transported you into another realm.”

“The motion graphics behind, and the idea that the timing between the animation and the motion coming into life, and it was as if you were experiencing it, because you’re able to relate to the people coming out of the screen. But also it took you into this fantasy world. So it was this kind of contrast between fantasy and real life, but it all mixed perfectly well.

“I forgot where I was for the entire [time]. It was actually amazing. You just escape.”

“The palette of colour, to be honest, was just great. Because there were scenes where there was this kind of a royal blue with a brown heart, then there would be this kind of beige, and then pale blue coming in … and it was just a mix of soft pastels with a bit of bright bold, which was beautiful. The female and male costumes were actually interesting in the way the colours were depicted through that.”