Fashion Designer Inspired by Shen Yun’s Colors and Fabrics

February 7, 2014

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.— “I know many people who probably left this performance today—their lives will be changed. They will have a different outlook on life,” said fashion designer, Zhanna Kens. Ms. Kens was describing her own experience, as well as the profound effect she imagined New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts had on others in the audience with her at the Mahaffey Theater.

Ms. Kens said she was inspired by Shen Yun, and some of her future designs will show it. “The costumes I think were spectacular. Actually, I even made some mental notes that I will use certain drapes like I saw [in the performance] on ballroom dance gowns. Really, I think I am definitely going to use it.”

Ms. Kens designs ballroom gowns, evening gowns, dance dresses, ice skating dresses, among other types.

She says she will give credit where credit is due, and let others know that the inspiration for her new gowns had come from Shen Yun.

Every costume in Shen Yun is presented in brilliant color, and every detail is given meticulous attention, according to ShenYun’s website.

“When I start creating a dress,” Ms. Kens said, “I will see colors and fabrics that I am going to pick in a different way now, I know that.”

According to the Shen Yun website, “The designers stress harmonic balance and contrast. Their objective is an authentic presentation of the attire that comes from China’s divinely inspired traditional culture, and a consummate stage effect.”

Ms. Kens felt in the performance that the costume colors were linked to the elements of nature, and the earth, which was created by gods. “Every dancer was matching part of this planet. It was absolutely amazing—every leaf, every cloud, water.”

Nicholas Seckar, a freelance videographer who has worked for ESPN, bought the tickets for Ms. Kens and himself after hearing Ms. Kens express interest.

Mr. Seckar said he would recommend Shen Yun to everybody and anybody. He said, “The performance itself is a piece of art as a whole.”

“It is hard to describe really how beautiful it is,” he said.

“It is nice to really broaden your mind with such a spectacular presentation of culture, and past and present, and the span of time itself. It’s awesome!” he said.

“We just want to tell the performers, God bless them,” said Ms. Kens. “I just want to tell them, just keep going, and just stay focused, because this performance, those dancers, they touched so many lives and hearts.”

Reporting by NTD Television and Adam Miller

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