Fashion Designer: Every Step of Shen Yun is Beneficial to Society

April 30, 2017

“I’m loving it so much. It’s my first time. It’s very artistic … I appreciate all the different scenarios and different phases of the history … I appreciate the artistic work, and it is absolutely fabulous. I enjoy it.” 

“It is very spiritual. Even when you combine the background with the dancers you can feel it … It’s very beautiful.”

“[The orchestra] brings it all together. It brings everything to life obviously. Even the way that they did the setting where the people that are flying, and then disappear, and with the real people coming up, I think that in itself was so creative.”

“I love the flower dance. When it just opened, it was just really, really touching. Very beautiful.” 

“I love the costumes. They aren’t too overly done. I think that it sort of describes that scene and describes the authenticity of the scene. We are so used to seeing so much glamour and so much glitter and to me it feels like it’s just right.”

“I would recommend it to especially to our younger to our millennials that may not appreciate what the world really was at one time. I think that they all should see it. There is a lot of education.” 

“[I’m] taking home a feeling of unity, which should be much more, especially in the world that we live in right now. I think there is a feeling of sacrifices in the past but coming together as a society.” 

“I felt that every step of it and every phase of it is very, very beneficial to society, because you get to see how you get to where we are now. That’s what I get out of it.”