Fashion Designer: Beauty of Shen Yun ‘Made me want to cry’

April 7, 2017

“The show was fantastic. The costumes, the dancing, the music were outstanding.”

“[The costuming] was fantastic. The colors, the long sleeves. That number was my favorite for sure.”

“The colors [were inspiring]. I’ll design something with more colors, from all the colors I saw in the show.”

“I love for [my daughter] to see it, to experience it, and to learn about it. I got what they were saying. I totally understood it.”

“The dancing was phenomenal.” 

“The video is pretty cool, how they came out of the screen and popped up. That was really cool.”

“It made me want to cry. There were so many emotions. It was so fantastic. It’s about everything, the visuals, the costumes, the stories themselves, the lights, the music.”

“It was emotionally beautiful. That’s how I would explain it. Emotional, meaning the art of it, the time they put into this, visually, everything. It’s emotional because it’s so beautiful. I can’t help myself but get emotional about it. I’ll absolutely recommend it to my friends.”

“Everything was phenomenal. I would have never come. But [my daughter] saw the poster and wanted to come. We’ll definitely come back.”