Executive Says Shen Yun Is Preserving a ‘Precious Asset’

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TOURS, France—Wednesday evening, Jean-Christophe Pittet, director of a dermocosmetology consulting company, attended the third performance of Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Palais des Congrès in Tours.

Engineering consulting is sometimes a balancing act, requiring not only a high mastery of the technology studied but also many human qualities, since the support provided to the clients must be both realistic and therefore authentic while remaining benevolent.

It is thus with this very special understanding that Pittet discovered the world-renowned “phenomenon” of Shen Yun. A great lover of “Asia, in the broadest sense,” Pittet said he had “absolutely no regret” for having accompanied his wife to the performance on Feb. 19, 2020.

“I find there is a message about ancestral Chinese culture which is perhaps not what we have nowadays, but which was a precious asset, and is disappearing today, it’s a pity. It’s a shame. I think it’s rather good to bring it forth because we have a vision of today’s China that is not quite like the original China!”

On the Shen Yun website, one can learn that “In 2006, a group of leading classical Chinese artists came together in New York with one wish: to revive the true, divinely inspired culture of China and share it with the world.”

Pittet approves of this mission: “It’s a good approach, a nice approach that we need today, but not only for China. So, I am quite pleased to delve into a distant past, but one that is still relevant today. Well, one that also foreshadows current events! I find it rather pleasant, relaxing, it brings us somewhere new, and since I really like everything Asian, especially China, but old China, not necessarily today’s China.”

Indeed, this culture of 5,000 years of history has almost disappeared since the Chinese communist regime came to power in 1949. The atheist regime could not accept the traditional Chinese values based on harmony between heaven and earth, values that accompanied every Chinese throughout their life. The Chinese Communist Party then launched several “brainwashing” campaigns during the Cultural Revolution in order to force the Chinese people to shed their ancestral values.

The universal values that Shen Yun brings forth are the foundation unto which its choreography is built: courage, honesty, loyalty, benevolence, filial piety—which did not leave Pittet indifferent.

“We have other cultures that share some of these values, and we find this kindness towards others, this altruism, almost universally. I am pleased to say that even though we may be from very different ancestral cultures, we share common values, which are very clearly simply human values.”

“It’s nice to be able to say that there was another vision in the past and that this vision is still quite universal! May it come back to the forefront here and there, here too we need serenity, we miss it sometimes,” he said.

The Epoch Times considers Shen Yun Performing Arts the significant cultural event of our time and has covered audience reactions since the company’s inception in 2006.

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