Executive Director Says Shen Yun ‘A visual and cultural extravaganza’

May 7, 2017

“My impression of the show is that it’s a visual and cultural extravaganza. I like that it has both cultural components and elements of unique dance, historical dance. It has great storytelling, and it also has the ability to elicit an emotional response from those of us in the audience.”

“Well aside from them all being beautiful women and very handsome young men that they were, it was amazing. Their talent and their capabilities were just really extraordinary.”

“And the costumes were really spectacular, having all of the colors and the brightness, just everything.”

“It was really good. The interesting aspect of it is that you’d expect something that’s just to be culture, and in fact it’s actually more. They brought in all the spiritual elements, both in the opera singing, so it was actually quite interesting to actually have that and the translation for all of the songs was really beautiful.”

“I found it very interesting that there’s an organization that is working very very hard to actually maintain and preserve that ethnic and religious heritage.”