‘Everything About Shen Yun Touches Me,’ Physician Says

April 28, 2018

“It’s eye-opening. It’s magnificent.”

“[Shen Yun] shows the wonder of China. It really introduces us to the vast land filled with all different cultures, ethnic groups, the beautiful scenery and the mountains.”

“I’m just awestruck.”

“I’m proud as a Chinese [person] and amazed at how Chinese people are able to share their culture to the rest of the world, and [let them see] how amazing we are.”

“There is so much rich [ancient Chinese] culture we still need to share. There’s so much to give.”

“Everything, everything [about Shen Yun] touches me. It’s the soul, the spirit of the Chinese people that touches me.”

“I’m able to see the spirit of the [ancient] Chinese people conveyed through the show.”

“[The Shen Yun performers] did an amazing job, so keep up the good work for opening our eyes.”