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Huawei Telecom Built Near US Nuclear Facilities: Interview With 'Wireless Wars' Author Jonathan Pelson

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China, in its global ambition, seeks to control the latest in technology. Huawei has been the forefront fighter of China's 5G plan. Together, they want to dominate the global 5G movement, and in turn, make China the strongest in the world. That was the plan until the United States banned its activities and destroyed its influence—for now. If Huawei's sudden rise surprises you, then it's time to learn about its careful infiltration into the Western world through low bidding contract offers and massive inner workings alongside the Chinese Communist Party.
I am joined by Jonathan Pelson, the author of "Wireless Wars: China's Dangerous Domination of 5G and How We're Fighting Back." Let's hear what he has learned about Huawei's development, its network within and around the world, and how the United States fell to the Chinese tech giant but woke up in time.