Entrepreneur Inspired and Encouraged by Spirituality in Shen Yun

April 15, 2018

“I thought it was absolutely mesmerizing; it was refreshing, it was pure, it was spiritual, it was encouraging, absolutely, truly beautiful and inspiring.”

“They believe in God so I found that very inspiring. It was done in such a beautiful way and such a reverential way. It had spiritual undertones all the time, I think for me, I thought it was purity.”

“Everything was pure on stage, you can go to a lot of plays, it’s one reason I don’t go to a lot of plays but this one, no one could possibly be offended. … ”

“I have very; extremely acute hearing and I can’t stand most opera, especially women. This woman (Soprano) sang like an angel. I mean, really literally, the hair on my arms stood up. She was absolutely, absolutely angelic.”

“I would highly recommend this to absolutely anyone whether you have faith or whether you don’t have faith. It’s entertaining, it’s enlightening and anyone would enjoy it. Really anyone, even if they are atheists, come on, come to the show.”