Entrepreneur Effusively Extols Shen Yun

March 20, 2017

“I felt that the performance tonight was like a time capsule that was opened – the stages and the history. When you come to this performance, the fact that in between each dance, there was an interpreter (emcee),  a person who was describing what was going to happen in the next performance, and I believe that was the most wonderful thing, especially if one doesn’t know anything about the Chinese culture. So, that was very entertaining and educational.”


“Tonight, I think the reason I started to cry was because I was imagining, ‘Did my grandfather live in a place like this?’ … So, with the dancing and going in between the stages [of history], I was very excited because I’ve never been to China, … I’m just so excited that I was able to witness this.”


“We also had the instruments and the singing, which was unbelievable. The decibel that soprano hit, … [I had] chills up and down my spine. I would recommend everybody – this is a must-see.


“I’ve seen pretty much every Broadway play, I’ve traveled and seen around 300 shows, but this was so exciting for me. I will come and see it everywhere.”


“[Shen Yun is unique because of] the preciseness and the attention to detail, the costumes, the movements, and the synchronicity with all of the cast. It was very riveting. I was off my seat, especially for the handkerchief dance (“Handkerchiefs in Flight”). I was like, ‘Please, please, don’t anybody drop anything.’


“The [digital projection] – it was a first time for me. I’ve even been to Europe, the European houses, but this was something absolutely extraordinary. And it doesn’t do justice to watch it on YouTube or when you see the commercials. You must see it. You feel the heritage. You feel the people. You feel the culture.”


“I am so light-hearted. I am so happy, but I’m still emotional. I’m so proud (beginning to cry), especially that [Shen Yun] didn’t forget us in Arizona because sometimes culture out West is not as prevalent as the East Coast or European countries.


“We thank [Shen Yun] for coming out here, we hope this is not your first time, and we were so fortunate that you even added a show. And like my mother said, I was in the hospital, and I called after a 14-hour surgery. I was still able to call New York and say, ‘I need tickets,’ and she said, ‘Don’t worry. We added an extra show tonight.’ So, I think that was also why I was nervous about the dancers knowing that they had to perform two tonight. With such the energy that they are exalting, I’m breath-taken.”


“If I had time, I would follow [Shen Yun]. I actually would get on a plane and follow the next two or three. I know that later tonight, I will go home and look at the calendar and call everybody in the next states [where Shen Yun will perform], and say ‘It’s a must-see.’ As Siskel and Ebert give two thumbs up, I give four thumbs up. It was unbelievable. Unbelievable.”


“I think that one of the most emotional times was when the Buddha appeared. … Or also maybe the wedding scene (“The Enchanted Painting”), and the dragon, or even the baby (“A Child’s Choice”). I was actually counting, ‘One, two, three, four, five.’ I believe when I go home, or when our car picks us up, I will relive every act in my mind. This will be at the tip of my tongue for many years.


“I will take this performance, if I have until my dying days, until I’m 100, if they said, ‘What is your best performance,’ this will be my performance that I will pass onto my 19 godchildren. It will be a must, and I will make sure that all of my godchildren – this will be a prerequisite: ‘If you have not seen this, then you have to go see it.’ It’s just the culture. Like I said, I’m the very first American born on the Asian side, I feel like I missed out a little bit, but [Shen Yun] brought my culture here to Arizona, so I have to thank all of you for that.”


“I want to thank all of you – the cast, I know it’s hard. I used to travel 200 days out of the year, so I know it can be very tiring. The labor of love that you have to do, the dedication, I can only imagine.


“I really hope, though, [that] we pass this down to the next generation. That’s my biggest fear, and that’s why I would like the young people to see this because the only thing we have left is our history and our culture, and without that, how can we go forward?


“I think that with the modern technology, we lose a lot. So, with this performance, you’re able to see the meanings of things through dance, through costumes, through – whether it be a fan, a prop – everything had specific meaning. You just have to take it in, and it is really overwhelming, but Bravo! If I could say one world, Bravo! Exquisite. Outstanding. Must-See. Over and over again. Please come back; don’t forget us.”