Entertainer Says Shen Yun ‘Takes You To Heaven’

March 31, 2018

“I came to be inspired.”

“Through divine dancing, you can reach enlightenment. That’s what the show is all about, but the big message is that we come to Earth to unite ourselves back with our Creator, and they mentioned him during the show, and that’s exactly the deep core of my musical.”

“I really enjoy the divinity that they bring to earth, the angelic realm, and the beauty they express is beyond words, the music, the costumes, everything. It just takes you to heaven.”

“When you have developed yourself spiritually, you do meditation on a daily basis, twice a day minimum, you pray for everything you do, then you come here, it’s like home.”

“I’ll be at home in heaven. I mean this is really what it is. So the bridge between this reality and the other, they really take you to that. Now, it’s hard to land back [in the human dimension], and go back to traffic and to the world.”

“I can’t tell you how much I was deeply touched, I’ve never seen such beauty on stage. It’s the first time in my life.”

“Their dancing is absolutely spectacular—it’s actually beyond perfection. They dance with the right intent, and the intent is to unite with divinity. That’s what the title of the show is all about.

“You can see them, they beam from inside out. … You can feel it, and it goes beyond anything.”

“Actually, I’m very attracted to the traditional culture. One of my favorite instruments is the erhu. I’m always moved by the sound of that instrument.”

“The singer was wonderful. I love everything. What I love the most is the words she sang because when she was singing, it was like talking. When you put real intention, real beauty, and real meaning [into your performance], that’s where everything comes across.”

“I would say that continuing on the path of perfection, you’ll get other people to follow. When one person changes on Earth, it’s a ripple of goodness that comes to other people, so their message is so profound.”

“I know that the good they [Shen Yun] does will touch the world to such an extent that it will change the hearts of people, and by changing the heart, you can change the conditions anywhere in the world.”

“This benefits humanity. It will open hearts. I can see people [in the audience]; I could feel their hearts were starting to open, open, and open.”

“I think people receive the message to different degrees, but still this humanness we share together as one tonight—this oneness…”

“They bring us a level of beauty that is very rare. I’ve never seen this in my life, and I’m so inspired, because it’s exactly my message.”