Enterprise President: This Kind of Performance Is Supposed to Be Seen in Heaven

March 19, 2017

“This kind of songs, images and dances are supposed to be seen in heaven only. The gorgeous costumes and the superb dances, coupled with the natural voice and the elegant music, made this performance truly touching and amazing.”


“Through Shen Yun’s performance in this way, Chinese culture can be carried forward properly, so that our offspring, especially the younger generations nowadays, can further identify the (Chinese) culture.”


“I think Shen Yun showcases the forgotten history and the magnificence of the profound Chinese culture. What’s most important is that it displays the spirit of the Chinese nation as well as the essence of the traditional virtues of loyalty, filial piety, compassion and fraternity.”


“Shen Yun is different from the ordinary performances we saw in the past. Shen Yun has broken through the rigid performance pattern. It synchronizes music, dance and digital dynamic backdrops to make the audiences feel it really amazing. Surrounded by the positive energy, I had the feeling that my soul was cleansed.”


“You will regret it, if you don’t see it. Such a magnificent performance with Chinese culture is few and far between. It would be a great pity if you miss it.”

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