Enterprise General Manager: Shen Yun Is So Touching and Overwhelming

“Overwhelming is the only word that could describe Shen Yun. My heart was totally overwhelmed. It was so touching and overwhelming.”


“This year, I finally got the chance to see such a touching show. Every performer did the performance wholeheartedly to showcase the traditional Chinese culture. I was truly moved.”


“Though there was no vocal expression, it [the show] could communicate [with the audience] spiritually through the combination of dance, music and backdrops.”


“[I] felt the beauty, goodness and truthfulness in Chinese culture. The performance was really impeccable and wonderful.”

Feng Chi-feng, general manager, Yistunee Enterprise Co.,
Chung Shan Hall , Taichung City, Taiwan, Asia
Shen Yun New York Company
March 1, 2017