Ensemble Director Feels Shen Yun Music Is Magnificent and Touching

September 24, 2017

“I think with the combination of Chinese and Western musical instruments, especially the percussion instruments, the entire concert was very uplifting. I was in the upright position to listen to the music tentatively all the time—it felt magnificent and touching.”

“I was so touched by the vocal solo performance of “Plum Blossom” that I felt like crying.” 

“The soprano’s [Haolan Geng] performance was rich in emotion, and the accompaniment was also superb.”

“As soon as I got into the concert hall, I felt it different from other concerts. With such atmosphere and energy field, I feel energetic though I had worked all day.”

“I think it was because the concert brought me some energy that I was totally immersed in music, and forgot about the mundane affairs. After listening to the music, I still feel touched at the moment.”

“The composition of the music is magnificent, and every piece can make us feel the symphony orchestra’s professionalism and unity.”

“It [Shen Yun music] should be further promoted. If there’s another chance, I’ll bring our ensemble members to be here. I look forward to Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra’s performance next year.”