Engineer Says Shen Yun ‘Shows How Precious Life Is’

April 9, 2017

“After we saw the first show, we couldn’t wait to see the second … We are so glad we made it.”

“One of the things I was surprised about is I thought this was something that you would see all around China … To know that it is based out of New York, and to bring this culture, and to show the artistry … This is very unique. Not only is it colorful, the music is beautiful. Just seeing the artistry of each one of these performers is absolutely amazing. We can’t wait to see what they do next year. This was just as exciting as the first time we saw it.”

“[It’s] really sad [this can’t be seen in China]. From our perspective, it is something they would enjoy growing up and seeing it. We are kind of fortunate to be able to see this type of representation of the culture and to see people who are so committed and devout to do what they do. It’s amazing.” 

“I don’t feel there are any borders that separate [people]. The culture may be slightly different, but it is still built upon the same principals: commitment, love of family, the environment. You can get all of that out of this type of presentation. The dedication of the artists is just something that’s wonderful to see.”

“It [helps] people to understand that not only their culture but their commitment to the arts and the connection they have with people in general, not just your own culture, but with people around the world, it’s something we all try to do in our day to day lives. It’s unique.” 

“We are actually looking to find out when it plays at different venues, hoping to get other family members and people we know to meet us there, for them to experience the same thing. It’s the type of show we can go see a week from now and still enjoy it the same amount, and we’re hoping somebody else will be exposed to it.” 

“[After a health scare], we appreciate life a little bit more. We look at something like this, it’s not just the chemistry, the artistry, the entertainment value, but it shows how precious life is. If you pay attention to the story here, it is more than just entertainment. It’s about people, about love, about our world that we live in. That’s what makes it very unique. The fact that it changes, it kind of evolves every time with the same concept. It’s based on culture and people and love for one another. It’s pretty special.”