Emmy Award-Winning Journalist Enjoyed Shen Yun Artists’ Passion, Dedication

April 29, 2017

“It was very colorful. It was very energetic. It was very creative, the film portion, the combination of the different aspects of the show, the music, the dance.”

“I didn’t really know what to expect … I thought it was an interesting presentation. It’s always good to see and hear other people point of views on a topic.”

“You can tell the performers were skilled. They were very focused. They were very into what they were doing. It shows. You can see their passion, their dedication, definitely.”

“I was just so enthralled by the costumes. I really liked the colors and how it floats. I actually like more the acrobatic part of it but also the delicate way the female dancers actually express the way they move with their arms. I look at it as a whole presentation, not just one thing in particular.”

“It’s a very artistic show … the dance, the music, the expression.”