Economist Touched by Shen Yun’s Spirituality

February 24, 2018

“It was obvious for me that [the performance] has a strong spiritual effect. And I really liked and enjoyed this.”

“When you start to understand it, you really, really enjoy it, you are deep inside of it. And it is not only the performers, it is not only the clothes, but all the magic and ‘strongness’ that comes from the idea. I really enjoyed it, this idea.”

“There is a kind of red line in the programme—the idea of working on your inside beauty and just growing as a person. Just to go away from that material reality we have now and focus on the inside, on the spirit.”

“We are starting to forget those values and especially in Europe the everyday life is so fast, so dynamic.”

“We are swimming in a sea of globalisation, just forgetting our traditions, forgetting our roots. And it is good that we have shows like this that remind us of those traditions, take us back to the roots.”

“I think those values are important and so basic for every human being, no matter where we come from. It’s inside of us.”

“So, so good and emotional for me. I really liked it.”