Dressmaker Takes Inspiration From Shen Yun Costumes

April 30, 2017

“I absolutely loved it. The movement in this, and the costumes, are just superb—just gorgeous.”

“[The Shen Yun costumes will] definitely [inspire me]. The colours, the use of colour, I think, is just beautiful. And a lot of colours, that perhaps I wouldn’t have thought of putting together and they just work so beautifully in this.”

“I noticed that the backdrop, the way the colours kind of come into the costumes as well. So, I’m just picking up that, I just think it’s so clever, the way it’s all done—it’s beautiful.”

“I just think it’s really clever, how they can portray all that [the oppression of belief in China], in dance. It’s lovely that we’ve actually got a bit of an idea beforehand, from the emcees.”

“I got front-row seats, and I can see all the orchestra, and see the beautiful dance, and I can see the costumes, it’s just wonderful. Brilliant—lovely.”