Doctor Sees Two Valuable Themes in Shen Yun

January 1, 2017

“It was excellently well done. The choreography was phenomenal, and the movement, how it was danced—it looked like they had air under their feet.”

“There are two basic themes: the first theme is that material wealth—you can’t take it with you. And the second theme is that whatever we do here, we have to be accountable for it. And I think that shows you the two basic themes, that heaven is a place, and mercy and compassion is our compass to get through the maze.”

“It gives you a very light feeling, a very comfortable feeling. And a comfortable feeling is one that lets us relax, lets us enjoy, lets us do the right things.”

“I think the [orchestra] as well, the music, the ancient music, it is something of a lost art. What they are doing is to integrate the West with the East by bringing in the music of Western civilization and trying to merge it with Eastern civilization, pre-civilization, because they’re going back thousands of years. … I think that merger is very well done, especially when they bring in some of the ancient music as well.”