Doctor Says Shen Yun Helps You Experience the ‘Grand Moments’ of Life

October 7, 2018

“Wonderful, wonderful, I really enjoyed it. Very beautiful pieces.”

“The harmony, the symphonies they play are just unbelievable, the training that these girls and young men must have gone through to achieve that level of excellence is just remarkable, I’m really enjoying the performance and the quality of the performance.”

“What’s the feeling? Like you’re in Arabian Nights, like you’re in an Eastern part of the world where you can experience grand moments in life, you know? Where you can watch these movies of the past you hear music of this quality—you feel like you’re part of it, because the quality of the music is just stupendous. You hear every note, every instrument in the back—just wonderful, wonderful pieces. It’s beautiful.”

“This is just something that should be part of your to-do list in life, being able to see music of this quality.”