Doctor and Former Dancer: ‘I will bring home my love for dance again’

January 7, 2018

“I loved the performance! … I enjoyed this performance so much, and I saw so many combinations of dance forms that I learned and loved. I saw classical Indian, I saw ballet, … and the rhythmicity of it and the grace. … It was such a pleasure to watch, and I’m so glad the show came to Toronto.”

“[Classical Chinese dance] has a grace and a strength, and through their storytelling, definitely a wisdom of some values that we’ve forgotten that we need to think about in today’s world.”

“I think the piece about the couple that was ripped apart by communism [referring to a dance story depicting the persecution of the Falun Gong spiritual discipline by the Chinese regime]—it was very moving and well done. It’s very sad that people are persecuted for their religion, and they presented that story very well through their artistry. It was very touching.”

“[The female dancers] are stunning. The true mark of a dancer is they make it look easy, and they just made it look so fluid and easy like they were born to dance.”

“I have seen divine and beauty and love expressed in the show. It was wonderful! … I would recommend this show to everyone. I can’t wait to bring my son here, it’s such a beautiful art form. I’m really glad I got to see this.”

“I think we’ve lost sense of some of our more traditional values because our world has become ever more hectic and materialistic, unfortunately. And it was nice [in Shen Yun] to see us going back to the basics of meditation and devotion and also scholarliness. Those are values that I think the youth of today definitely need to remember in our tech world. It’s very important to remember our roots and our origins.”

“I will bring home my love for dance again, and I’ll bring home motivation to learn more about this culture and this show. Also, I would love to bring my child here to see the show so that he can learn about ancient civilizations and our values.”