Distinguished Egyptology Scholar Finds Shen Yun Wonderful, Cultural, Educational

February 18, 2018

-Leonard Lesko

“I like it very much. It’s very impressive. Beautiful choreography, beautiful costumes, really a delight to see.”

“I think it’s a good idea to show folk dances from various regions, and also tell something of the history of China by showing the dances and the costumes of those eras.”

“It’s exciting, it’s beautiful, it’s totally enjoyable, and I would highly recommend it to my friends to see it.”

Barbara Lesko, Egyptology expert, author

“It was wonderful. It was very good. I enjoyed learning a few things, and also watching these very enthusiastic and acrobatic dancers.”

“I was interested in the juxtaposition of the ancient with the modern in the art, and I was interested in the differences in the people. I liked the Mongolian dance, the chopsticks, and I also appreciated the earlier ethnic dance, which I thought was very good to bring in. China is a multitude of cultures.”

“I think it’s something that’s very exciting, it’s constant. There’s an awful lot of work that’s gone into it, a lot of talent shown in both the orchestra and the dancers, and I think anyone who has an interest in those aspects of the arts, as well as learning more about Chinese culture, I think they would enjoy it.”