Distinguished Canadian Historian: ‘I Thoroughly Enjoyed It’

October 6, 2018

“We are regular opera listeners. We go to concerts pretty frequently… The sound [of the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra] was wonderful. The orchestra is truly dynamic, and one can only admire the incredible discipline that it has. And the energy that it puts into every piece that I heard—it was beautifully conducted and every section had virtuosos. I wouldn’t want to single any of them out but they were all beautiful. As a musical performance, I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“[The erhu] comes closest to the human voice I think. And I’m an amateur singer so that’s something I appreciate. You can feel somebody singing when you listen to the erhu.”

Michael Herren, distinguished research professor emeritus, York University
Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto, Canada
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
October 5, 2018