Director: Shen Yun Is the Most Precious Treasure of Civilization

March 4, 2017

“I’ve heard of Shen Yun for a long time, and I’m here today for its good reputation. Since I’d missed some opportunities, I’m delighted to see the Shen Yun show today.”

“The Shen Yun performance showcased the most beautiful parts of Chinese culture, especially the Chinese civilization in the Han and Tang Dynasties, including the beauty of their dance and music. I think it (Shen Yun) is the most precious treasure of civilization in the world.”

“This precious treasure of civilization features human’s pursuit of the principles of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. However, it is very regrettable that such a precious culture cannot be performed in China, though it originated in China. It’s a pity that people in China are unable to see it … . I hope they can see Shen Yun’s magnificent performance soon in the future.”

“I think many people in Taiwan have misunderstood Chinese culture because of the Chinese Communist Party. In fact, Shen Yun interprets ancient legends and touching stories by means of classical Chinese dance. The orchestra is a blend of Chinese and Western musical instruments. I think it (Shen Yun) is really very touching!”

“Music is the best cure for soul. In this chaotic era, the artistic performance provided by Shen Yun is the best remedy for the cure and purification of our soul.”

“As it can cleanse human’s heart, it is of much help to the harmony of the society. When I have the opportunity, I’ll try my best to help promote it.”