Director Says Shen Yun Depicts a ‘Serenity on Stage’

April 28, 2017

“I am amazed, it is very very beautiful and it is very moving. It’s also very spiritual … we experience a full range of emotions and I find it wonderful.”

“I was very sad when I saw the brutality depicted in the scene with the child. I was very sad this is happening and then I found the messages. I liked the symbol of the drums and the umbrellas.”

“About the spirituality, it was particularly strong for me in the first scene, there was something, I cannot describe it, a calmess, a serenity on stage present in the movements and the colors of yellow and orange, it was a magnificent sight!”

“I find that these dancers are absolutely wonderful. They accomplish feats after feats every minute. It’s extraordinary. The music is very beautiful too. This show is a set of things which takes [me] somewhere else.”

“I had tears in my eyes but I did want to cry of course.”

“There is something I cannot describe which gives you a deep sensation that takes you away and is delightful.”