Detroit Manager Loves Shen Yun

'If there were more of Shen Yun shows it would be a better world'
February 23, 2018

“I love it. I love the dancing, I love the colors, and there’s a lot of talent out there, musically also.”

“[What inspired me the most was] the dancing because I wanted to know what Shen Yun was. I’ve seen the ads many times. I’ve heard people say, even people who work at Chinese restaurants who own them, ‘They haven’t seen it yet.’ They should if they want to, but I can go back and tell them that I’ve seen it, and it’s gorgeous. It really is.”

“[The soprano soloist was] was lovely, powerful, strong voice, wonderful range, [and] beautiful voice. I like the lyrics. I read it while she was singing, but again, lovely. If there were more of Shen Yun shows it would be a better world—that’s my feeling.”

“[I take away from the performance] a feeling of peace in knowing a little more about the Chinese culture and heaven.”

“[In describing the show to other,] I will say it is extremely colorful and very accurate in wild colorful dancing, and the music is extremely powerful also.”