Designer Enjoys ‘Sea of Colors’ at Shen Yun

March 3, 2018

“The color, the sound, the choreography, everything, the individuality of each act—it was very impressive … my mind and my eyes were all over the place. I couldn’t figure what I wanted to look at the most.”

“The colors and the textures were incredible. I just found myself being amazed at seeing a sea of colors that was so synchronized. And it was beautiful. Each thing, each act was better. I was constantly aware of the color, I think, as much as the dancing.”

“Rare do you see like a painting that moves. And in many ways, it seemed like it was a moving painting.”

“The dances were amazing. I liked how a lot of it was more humorous and funny, than I thought the show would be. So it had something for everybody. Very emotional—had sadness as well as happiness.”

“It definitely is something that will continue to resonate with me after the performance. … I want to find out more about it, read about it, take certain things in. But it was quite an experience.”

“I think that there are people who don’t really look at life correctly. And this teaches you to open your eyes, and look at the deep meanings behind things, more than just the surface. There was a lot to look at and react to. There was a lot of feelings.”