Deputy General Manager: Shen Yun’s Refreshing All New Performance

April 15, 2016

TAOYUAN, Taiwan—”It’s a refreshing all new performance! I’m so lucky to have this opportunity to appreciate it today. I was told that it was hard to book a ticket for the show,” Mr. Shueei-tian Shiue said happily. Deputy General Manager Shiue of Tatung Company, a Taiwan-based company with subsidiaries in Asia, America, and Europe, attended the sold-out Taoyuan premiere of Shen Yun Performing Arts 2016 on April 14.

Fascinated by the flawless and creative artistic performance, he said, “The performing arts I saw at home and abroad in the past were mainly Western shows, but what I appreciated today was something totally different. [Shen Yun] skillfully blended distinct backdrops with a dance performance.”

He praised Shen Yun performers’ professionalism and dedication: “[The dancers] are the same height and have very good foundation for dance, as if they were one from a million.”

“They skillfully applied their foundation for classical Chinese dance to every detail of their performance, which is indeed rare. It’s so magnificent that it is well worth recommending to others,” he explained.

Shen Yun’s costume artists “use bright colors to tailor and recreate hundreds of new pieces each season. Every detail is given meticulous attention and is a result of artistic inspiration and careful polishing,” according to Shen Yun’s official Website.

Shen Yun’s “costume design is exquisite. I found that they have made some major breakthroughs,” he said.

“The color coordination for every set of the costumes is terrific. Take the dance piece ‘Fairies of the Sea,’ for instance. The synchronization among blue, light blue, and white is marvelous. In addition, the design of the fans is so wonderful that I felt them refreshing and delightful” he said.

Mr. Shiue also marveled at the perfect combination of digital animated backdrops and the staging. “The performers on the stage seamlessly coordinated with the animated backdrops. It was so remarkable that I could tell they have devoted a lot of effort to it.”

Praising Shen Yun’s live orchestra blending traditional Chinese and Western music instruments, he said, “With the addition of classical Chinese musical instruments, the music played by the live orchestra was very unique and beautiful.”

“I really enjoyed the music throughout the show. After appreciating it, my entire heart became very pure,” he added.

In conclusion, he highly praised Shen Yun’s artistic director for producing such a magnificent and tremendous show. “I admire him very much. He is really remarkable,” he said.

Reporting by Li Fangru and Billy Shyu

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