Dean, Professor: ‘It was very spiritual, touched you deeply’

December 23, 2017

“It was very spiritual, touched you deeply, moved you. And when [the soprano] sang the words of that song about Dafa and compassion and integrity and all of that just … it’s the way we should be.”

“Just the words of that last song where the singer, where she talks, and I can read the translation—the compassion, the love, the integrity, the dignity, is the way we should be in this world.”

“Very interesting in terms of the history of China, and [Shen Yun’s] inability to do this program there, which is very sad.”

“I will talk about [Shen Yun to others], and talk about what I felt was the spiritual nature of the program to people, and tell them to be sure to come when it’s here next year.”