Dancer: You Can Learn a Lot From Shen Yun

January 13, 2018

“[I learned that] all tumbling actually came from Chinese dance. I had no idea. You know, I had thought it was always gymnastics from the beginning of time. But, it makes sense. A lot of it was adapted because you see … the spinning kick and all of that stuff in gymnastics.”

“You could sort of feel [the spirituality]… through like all of the movement, so you felt the history, and like their [spiritual] background and everything. It was very powerful.”

“The music was fantastic. … The [two-string] violinist was phenomenal, amazing. … She was unreal.”

“Go see it. You will learn, … you will have a wonderful evening full of culture that you had no idea was out here. I knew none of this stuff. So it was amazing.”