Dancer Enjoys the Music and Dance at Shen Yun

January 6, 2018

“I’m a dancer myself, I love to dance, I’ve never seen Chinese dance before, or ancient Chinese [dance], I’ve never seen that, and it was really cool. A lot of different techniques I’ve never know, I’ve never even seen.”

“I feel there’s a lot more technique … A ballerina is more about having a very refined, a very disciplined look, but the techniques in here are so dynamic, so much fun. ”

“Her dance [for the program “Devotion”], her solo was just really really passionate, it’s beautiful!”

“Especially with the music and the erhu, I had to close my eyes to take that one in, to listen and just feel it, because there’s so much that you feel and understand, that you can’t put words to. And I feel this is a great production that really allows you to experience that. Like all of the time, all of the space, and all of the culture, so it’s just beautiful.”