Dance Teacher Says Shen Yun Beautifully Done, Very Uplifting

April 6, 2017

“I really enjoyed watching the pure art of the Chinese dance and the music. It was very uplifting.”

“I felt like I was floating. The dancers just gave me a feeling of great joy.” 

“The orchestra was wonderful … It was very peaceful, the music. I really enjoyed it.”

“I think the feeling of being at one with God, that’s the thing that I felt throughout a lot of the presentations of the dancing. It was very uplifting, very spiritual.”

“The set designs were amazing, and I like how they interacted with the dancers … It was beautifully done.”

“I had no idea that they did the tumbling before the gymnastics. That was something that I learned about for the first time, so I found that quite interesting. They look like they were floating when they would do it, so that’s what I enjoyed about it the most.”

“They’re doing a great job with [reviving traditional Chinese culture], and I like how they bring the modern culture in with it. We’re learning a lot.”

“Because I teach dance, I just felt that there was a sincerity and joy about all of the dancers, the way they move. I could tell they love dancing. And it shows because you can see the spirituality of their movements coming through, and that’s what I like about it.”

“I would definitely recommend it, for sure. I just feel happy. I feel very happy.”

“I have to bring some of my friends to come back and see it.”