Dance Teacher Found Shen Yun ‘Absolutely Extraordinary, Fabulous, Magical’

May 4, 2017

“I found it absolutely extraordinary, fabulous, magical. There is such beauty, such grace with technical skills magically divine. It is really extraordinary and I’m completely mesmerized. All the artists and all the dancers are extraordinary. There is such fluidity in the dances, such grace with something very magical that I cannot explain.”

“Then, there are the animated stage backdrops, the interplay with the dancers on stage, it’s fabulous! It is a very beautiful show and I recommend it to everyone because, in addition, behind all of this, there is a story. There are a lot of things and feelings, things that are timeless, whether it happened today or 2000 years ago, and it’s very touching, very touching.”

“It gives us a lot of joy, it puts joy in my heart, it puts a lot of love and we would like each one to react in the same way, we feel the dancers are giving of themselves completely … all the artists because the musicians are also very present and full of benevolence.”


“The whole show, from the very beginning, we can feel the dancers have something special guiding them, it is not just a show to entertain, we can feel there is a unity, a common spirit, they are fabulous, they smile, they are precise, they are righteous—it is very impressive.”

“I would like them [my students] to see the show. I would like it because it is extraordinary … to arrive at this level of mastery.”