Dance School Principal: Shen Yun Dancing ‘Is Ethereal’

April 15, 2017

“The show is amazing. It’s flawless. It’s almost supernatural. It’s wonderful. It’s moving. It’s engaging. It’s quite a phenomenal performance.

“It’s unpredictable, and the technical aspects of it, they are almost ethereal, the dances. The special effects are quite amazing and unpredictable. You don’t really know what’s coming until it happens.”

“You feel their energy. You feel inspired. And it’s uplifting. It’s the energy that the dancers are sending out to the audience. And their agility, and their energy level is quite amazing.”

“The whole thing is very, very touching, and spiritually there’s magic to what they’re doing, and they’re performing, and what they’re portraying. And it’s very engaging, and it makes you soul searching. It makes you, really, really think—something to think about what’s happening.”

“Some of the dancing and the way they move, is of ethereal quality. But as a whole, it’s almost supernatural to watch what they’re doing. And you can see the messages that are coming through the movement.”

“It is a huge privilege to actually be here and to experience the level of their ability, for one, that’s the basis of it. But the ability to portray the messages that they are, through their movements, and the magical way that the choreography is sending that to us—it’s really quite amazing.”