Dance School Owner: ‘It is unique in the world’

January 17, 2017

“Outstanding, exceptional. Much coordination, the costumes, the colours, the music, everything is there to make us travel in the show. It is unique in the world.”


“The technique of the dancers, their presence, the dancers really live their choreography, impressive. All gestures, fingers, body, postures—everything is there, the music with the choreography, everything blends together.

“It’s an exceptional show. It is really a show to see, although it is very difficult to get tickets, so you should already get them for next year I think.”


“Although we travel in different parts of China, very interesting, but each number is a canvas. It is a picture with a beginning, a middle, an end, and one is really transported every time through the animated backdrops. The music and the choreographies are always with the right movements, always very synchronized.

“It’s a lot of emotion. Each dancer really lives his choreographies to the maximum, so they are really accomplished dancers. … They have had a lot of very good training. So we are talking about unique talents.”