Dance Association Director Praises Shen Yun as Breathtaking

March 25, 2014 Updated: April 3, 2014

TAOYUAN, TaiwanShen Yun exhibited “celestial technique,” praised the director of the Hakka Cultural Dance Association, Lin Meilan, who has seen Shen Yun six seasons in a row. She attended the Shen Yun performance with 24 students this year at Taoyuan County Performance Center Performance Hall on the afternoon of Mar. 23.

In the eight years that Shen Yun has toured in Taiwan, every year different people, old and young, come to see Shen Yun. Among them is Ms. Lin, who has been a dance teacher in Miaoli County for over 20 years. She has led students to participate in dance competitions and teaches more than 100 dance students every year. Ms. Lin said she especially enjoys classical Chinese dance. She was amazed by the Shen Yun dancers’ technique and skill in classical Chinese dance and expressed that there were many areas worth learning. She found the smooth yet dynamic choreography and the myriad of minority dances all breathtaking. Mrs. Lin even described the show as a “feast for the eyes.”

“While I focused on one aspect, another would soon divert my attention, so I had to watch Shen Yun very attentively to grasp all the different elements.”

As a dancer herself, Ms. Lin said she knew Shen Yun performances required hours of strenuous rehearsal, therefore, she was moved to tears when watching the program. She said, “I just felt overwhelmingly touched. When seeing Shen Yun one year, I was moved to tears. I just wondered how Shen Yun could dance to such a degree and so marvelously.”

Every year she fears that the tickets would be sold out and asks a friend to order tickets early. She also brings some friends and students from the dance community to gain experience and learn from Shen Yun. She hopes to work hard towards the direction of Shen Yun. She said, “Even if I can learn a little bit from Shen Yun, I will feel exceedingly happy, because Shen Yun is just so phenomenal.” Ms. Deng, who was with Ms. Lin, added that she hoped to learn from the spirit of Shen Yun to help spread Hakka cultural heritage through dance.

After watching the show, Ms. Lin expressed she was “filled with happiness.” She also described Shen Yun as “breathtaking” and displaying “celestial technique.” A student beside her added that Shen Yun’s “dancing was unparalleled” and made the audience feel “immersed in a divine land.” She described the show as visually stunning evoking the admiration of many.

A Great Sensation in the Dance Field in China

Former dancer in China, Liu Caiyun (pseudonym), attended Shen Yun’s 4th Performance at Taoyuan County Performance Center Performance Hall in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, on the afternoon of March 23.

Graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy, Ms. Liu was a Chinese folk dance dancer and dance teacher in China. She said that Shen Yun has caused a great sensation in the dance fields of China. People in the dance field like to talk about Shen Yun, Ms. Liu said. “They all know Shen Yun is superb and marvelous” and privately circulate Shen Yun’s DVDs.

“All of my colleagues are professional dance teachers. They all share and praise Shen Yun privately. They once told me, ‘We’re giving you something good to watch!’” Ms. Liu knew they meant a Shen Yun DVD, so she replied with a smile, “What you watched was a DVD, but I’ve seen the live performance.”

Ms. Liu has seen Shen Yun in Taiwan more than once. She said that when she taught dance, she particularly emphasized the “body rhyme” in classical Chinese dance. “The beauty of classical Chinese dance lies in [the skill] to twist, lean, tune and circle. It is something very gentle and very beautiful. Shen Yun fully embodies the beauty of classical Chinese dance. It’s very hard to come by.”

Ms. Liu not only appreciates the perfect “body rhyme” presented by Shen Yun dancers, but also greatly admires their dance skills. “Just look at their flip and tumbling skills! The dancers’ fundamental skills are very solid and superb, which generates a sense of beauty.

“As to the quality of the dancers, it is extremely remarkable.” She praised, “The dancers’ skills and all other aspects are superb, especially the skills of flipping and tumbling in the air. It takes a long time to practice under professional training to reach such an achievement.”

Reporting by Chen Yurou, Irene Luo and Lisa Huang

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