Dallas Theatergoer Impressed With Shen Yun’s Dancers

February 6, 2017

“I like all of it. The way the actors convey their emotions through the dance is very impressive. … You can feel what they’re doing because of the way they dance and that’s very good. They tell a good story.”

“Everybody [is] moving in sync with each other. To be able to do as much as they’re doing and being totally in sync the whole time is just amazing.”

“A lot of it speaks to the suffering that people go through and the highlights. The good things and the bad, and we all live through those things in our lives. We have good times and then we have the bad times and watching this is a reminder of it.

“We’re also looking for somebody to rescue us. That was one thing when the young girl, when she threw up a banner and then somebody came to save them. Everybody is looking for a savior. I thought that was pretty cool.”