Daegu National Assembly Member: Shen Yun Reviving Chinese Culture

February 16, 2014 Updated: February 18, 2014

DAEGU, South Korea—“As for what has appeared in the history, I think Shen Yun catalyzes the newly developed culture. It is really touching,” said Lee Chulwoo, member of National Assembly, after seeing the Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company’s second performance at Suseong Artpia, Feb. 15.

Amazed by the show, he said: “The pace was fast. When I saw the show, the time was flying unknowingly. It was really touching.”

“The ideology and culture of Korea and some other countries in East Asia are similar to those of Chinese,” he added. “As Koreans have a talent for arts, I believe all of those who come to this show will definitely love it. It’s really a beautiful performance. ”

Speaking about the fact that Shen Yun demonstrates the stories from ancient and modern times, and even some things from the future, he praised Shen Yun for “letting us see what can’t be seen today and the magnificent China in the past.

“I could feel the divine culture has returned. The ancient Chinese culture conserves the humanity in people. Shen Yun offers me an opportunity to think about human nature.”

As for the programs, he felt that the balance of dancing and digital technology was spot-on. “This show truly impressed me,” he said. “The coordination of the performance and the backdrops was excellent.

Shen Yun’s Orchestra Is Really Superb

“Shen Yun Performing Arts is so great! The orchestra is really outstanding and extraordinary,”said Lee Yongsu, the conductor of KORAIL (Korean Railways) elderly chorus, after seeing Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Suseong Artpia, Daegu, Korea, Feb. 15.

“I’m a musician for classical music, a chorus conductor, and an opera vocalist, etc. I heard that this show is very good and hoped to be inspired by the show. So I specially came to watch the show,” Mr. Lee said, “I feel really great after watching it.”

As a musician, Mr. Lee said he was especially touched by Shen Yun’s orchestra. “I particularly enjoyed Shen Yun’s music,” he said. “The orchestra is really wonderful, outstanding, and superb.”

He added his amazement at the dancers. “Because I am male, I feel the male dancers’ performances are quite vivid,” he said. “The overall effects are pretty great. The program, Mongolian Chopsticks, is really good.

“I think real art wins the appreciation and hearts from all people. Shen Yun continuously won applause and cheers, generating a very impressive atmosphere. Generally speaking, I think the works of art capable of touching a lot of people are the really great works.”

At the heart of the performance is classical Chinese dance, one of the most comprehensive dance systems in existence.

“Traditional Chinese culture is very rich and profound. But people usually have acrobat troupes in mind when speaking of Chinese [culture], which belittles the culture,” Mr. Lee said. “I did not expect such an excellent performance and such a precious opportunity to enjoy it.”

I Feel Like Entering a Dream World

“Seeing the show, I had a feeling of peacefulness and comfort, which is a feeling of coming home,” said Mr. Seoh Zhen Ji, former president of the Ulsan Culture Center, after attending Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company’ performance.

As a popular figure in Korean cultural circles, Mr. Seoh Zhen Ji has held a range positions, such as policy researcher of the Korean Artistic and Cultural Federation, adviser to Ulsan branch of the Korean Artistic Federation, and writer and photographer, among others.

This was his third time coming all the way from Ulsan to Daegu in order to see the Shen Yun. He traveled along with some of his friends from various photography circles. In fact, he is a true fan of Shen Yun.

“I was more than delighted to see it,” he said. “It was as if I were in a dream world.”

“Color is a core element of Shen Yun performances, which has reached a world-class level,” he added.

“The performances will imprint forever on our minds,” he added. “The skills, techniques, and artistic values demonstrated by Shen Yun are something worth learning by us.”

He stressed that “Human beings should differentiate good from evil when living.”

Reporting by Kog Yingzi and Hsiang-Wei Yu, Fleur L, Li Zhen and Bill Xu

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