CPA Says She Takes a ‘Cultural Visit to China’ at Shen Yun

December 31, 2017

“It’s just beautiful. I didn’t know what to expect. My husband got me these tickets as a Christmas gift actually, and I just think it’s beautiful. I love the colors, and I particularly like the female with the sleeves and the beautiful ribbon-like look to it.”

“It’s helpful to have the narrators tell us a little bit about the history or to set up each of the little vignettes that they’re doing there, and they’re all so different and from different parts of China. So I really feel like I’m getting a little visit to China, a cultural visit to China, even though I’m right here, so it was beautiful, beautiful.”

“I just think the talent of these performers is just amazing, and to me, it’s completely new. I didn’t know what to expect, and I’m just wowed, just wowed—I’m enjoying it very much.”

“[The baritone] was amazing. His voice was so strong. It was beautiful.”

“It seemed like [the song lyrics] was very spiritual in terms of living life on Earth and the difficulties of living day to day, or getting caught away with the day to day business of life that we kind of forget our purpose, and we need to be careful not to do that, I guess,”