Country Music Artist: Shen Yun, ‘Amazing experience that I will never forget’

January 20, 2018

“The Shen Yun performance was amazing. The music was wonderful, the dancing, the costumes—it was all really incredible. It was a wonderful experience. I think the whole family enjoyed it. And we will come back next year.”

“[The orchestra] very very seamlessly combined traditional Chinese instruments with Western orchestral instruments—I enjoyed it very much … it was really a treat to listen to the orchestra tonight.”

“It is a majestic sound. It sounds very … it is powerful and it really captures something about humanity.”

“You sense a lot the feeling in the music. And it is a really wonderful combination of sounds coming together and intertwining and making something very unique.”

“[The erhu performance] was really really really good. I enjoyed that very much. It made me want to learn how to play that [erhu] … I was really studying her [erhu soloist], and just watching her fingers—it was amazing. It was really wonderful.”

“The coordination between the music, and the dance, and the backdrop was just flawless. It was really very well done, and executed perfectly.”

“I think for me personally, it was really eye-opening to see the portrayal of the communist’s oppression in China—I hope that the world would wake up soon.”

“I would say it [Shen Yun] will fill you with hope, and it just makes you feel good—it is good to see something like this that helps sort of give you a little bit of balance, and let you know that there are good and positive and wonderful things in the world.”